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Recommended Tyres


Maxxis Tyres


Maxxis tyres are made up of high-quality materials and offers top-notch performance. It offers a variety of tyres in the summer, winter and all-season segment to assist you to drive comfortably on dry, wet and uneven roads with ease.


Michelin Tyres


Michelin tyres is a premium tyre brands with diverse varieties of tyres like summer, winter, all-season and high-performance as per the motorist’s need. The brand promises agility, control, and superior balance with every purchase. It even comes with advanced benefits like hydroplaning resistance, inter-connected grooves to deliver a high-quality driving experience that you deserve.


Event Tyres


Event Tyres are engineered with superior quality compounds and advanced groove design that enables the motorist to drive comfortably on wet, icy and dry road services. The brand provides its customers with diverse tyre types to maintain traction even on the most challenging terrains. It also has a lug-groove patterns, so the vehicle never sways to alternate sides.

Welcome To A Campbell - Tyres Smethwick

Welcome to the official A Campbell homepage. We appreciate your interest in our workshop.

we are a dependable retailer of Tyres Smethwick and a provider of automotive services. We are regarded as one of the most dependable names among our clients thanks to our effectiveness and customised car services.

Since the beginning, we have placed a high priority on making driving safer for drivers. As a result, we carry the highest-calibre inexpensive Tyres Smethwick from well-known global companies in Birmingham. Additionally, our staff members are skilled and meticulous while guiding clients in the tyre choosing process after taking into account their preferences.

Also, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and a team of meticulously trained experts, we excel in offering you efficient and quick vehicle services at extremely affordable rates. Here, have a look at our tyre catalogue and car service portfolio!

An Impressive Range of Quality Tyres Smethwick.

Collection From Iconic Brands

We put great emphasis on quality, and therefore, bring you an enviable range of car tyres Smethwick from the most trusted premium, mid-range and budget tyre brands, like:

Therefore, regardless of your budget and requirement, you can come to us for top-quality cheap Tyres Smethwick. We will ensure you get the best tyres within your budget that will enhance your safety and driving experience like never before!

Choose From a Wide Range of Tyre Variants

Retailing tyres is our forte, and we understand that to enjoy unmatched car handling stability, it is essential to choose tyres as per seasonal needs and vehicle segments. Therefore, we offer you tyres Smethwick from different variants, like:

Summer Tyres

These are exclusively designed to offer you an optimal driving experience during the summer months.

Summer tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber compound that reduces heat build-up and improves durability. These Summer Tyres also feature a lesser tread depth which enhances the tyre-road contact area and provides brilliant traction on hot and dry summer roads.

Winter Tyres

Do you need cost-effective winter Car Tyres Smethwick?

We have got you covered!

We stock a massive collection of winter tyres manufactured with specialised soft rubber compounds and more natural rubber content. Also, the tread depth of these tyres is more than that of summer variants. This unique construction of the Winter Tyres enables them to remain flexible during extreme winter conditions and offer a biting grip on snow and slush.

All-season Tyres

These tyres are perfect for all-year-round usage. The moderate tread depth structure and intermediate rubber compound of these tyres guarantee optimal durability and traction when used on summer and winter roads.

Please note: If you have budgetary restraints and are looking to Buy Tyres Smethwick, you can also check out our part-worn tyre collection. We offer part-worn tyres from some of the top-rated brands and conduct a detailed inspection before stocking them at our workshop. We also undertake multiple quality checks and tests to ensure there will be no safety issues when you use them.

Book Tyres Online Smethwick

With us, tyre purchase is now convenient like never before!

We sell tyres Smethwick online. Just enter your vehicle registration number on the tyre finder tool of our website to browse through our collection and book your preferred tyre models. While buying tyres online, you can also book a slot for tyre fitting at our garage.

Our Car Service Catalogue

Apart from retailing the best-rated premium and cheap tyres Smethwick, we also provide a wide portfolio of car services at affordable rates. We are popular for our efficient MOT checks and a range of repair and replacement works.

Please have a look!

MOT test - We are a DVSA-authorised MOT testing station. We have a certified, specialist team that conducts MOT checks on Class 1, Class 2, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 7 vehicles.

Our experts use the latest tools and technology to inspect the key components of the vehicle, like the exhaust system, brakes, seatbelts, steering column, and tyres, among many others.

We strictly abide by the DVSA-approved standards to ensure the right assessment of your car's roadworthiness.

If your car passes our MOT, we will issue a VT20 certificate and your vehicle is good to go for another year. If it fails due to some underlying issues, we will issue a VT30 certificate enlisting the problem(s), so you can get the necessary repairs done.

We also offer:

  • Pre-MOT checks
  • MOT repairs and more.

Apart from this, we are also known for other automotive services, like:

  • Alloy wheel repair
  • Air-con check
  • DPF cleaning
  • Car wrapping
  • Suspension repair
  • Tinting
  • Welding
  • Wheel alignment
  • and many other services.

You can see all our services and more detailed information in separate sections on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why Choose us?

  • Affordable and transparent charges
  • A superb stock of OE-grade spares
  • Genuine suggestions
  • Ability and the experience to deal with any vehicle segment
  • And of course, our friendly team

Look no further for “Tyres Smethwick” or “car services near me” and schedule an appointment with us instead.

Come directly to us or give us a call on 0121 461 6097 – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

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