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Are you looking for Air Conditioning Smethwick for your vehicle?

Like any other vehicle component, your car’s air conditioner needs regular maintenance and timely servicing to ensure a comfortable journey. In most cases, routine air con re-gas can keep your vehicle AC functional.

A Campbell Ltd. is a dependable name in Smethwick and nearby areas for first-rate air con re-gas. If you are looking for professional air con re-gas Smethwick at a cost-effective price bracket, please visit us. You can find our garage at the Jet Service station, Cranford St, Smethwick, Smethwick B662RX.

Our experts will take a close look at your car’s AC and devise the right solution within your budget. So, put an end to your “air con re-gas near me” searches and book an appointment with us today!

Why Do You Need An Air Con Re-gas?

The refrigerant in your car’s AC depletes due to various reasons like leakage, evaporation, etc. Low refrigerant levels can lead to various issues that reduce the cooling efficiency of your car’s air conditioner and affect its fuel efficiency.

Thus, you should opt for a routine checkup every two years or when noticing the warning symptoms of a faulty AC.

Signs You Need An Air Con Re-gas Smethwick

If you notice any of the following signs after turning on the AC of your car, it is time to opt for an air con re-gas:

Strange Noise

A low refrigerant level or faulty compressor can cause unusual noises while you turn on the AC of your car.

Compromised Cooling Performance

If the air flowing from your car’s AC vent feels warmer, it is time to top up the refrigerant.

Water Droplets On Your Car’s Windows

If you notice foggy windows after turning on the AC of your car, the possibilities of a low refrigerant level is high.

Upon noticing any of these signs, you can come to our garage or book an appointment online. We are open from Monday to Saturday.

Our Air Con Re-gas Smethwick

Check out our air con re-gas procedure before confirming your appointment with us:

  • We begin with inspecting your car’s AC closely to check its components and refrigerant level.
  • Our experts remove the remaining refrigerant safely and create a vacuum to remove moisture and contaminants.
  • We check if there’s any leakage in the system.
  • Next, we refill the refrigerant level with R134a if the vehicle is manufactured before 2017, otherwise with R1234yf.

For booking and queries, feel free to contact us at 0121 461 6097 or at