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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Are you stuck with a flat tyre?

We, A Campbell ltd, are an automotive service station in your vicinity. So, we suggest that you reach out to us for a car puncture repair Smethwick at competitive prices. Here, we must highlight that our team carries out the entire process of a puncture repair in accordance with BS AU 159 standards.

How can we be of service?

We offer prompt yet accurate puncture repair Smethwick for all makes and models of cars. Our services stand out as a cost-effective alternative to tyre replacements. Therefore, if any of your car tyres has a minor damage in its tread structure, our technicians can easily fix it.

Additionally, we evaluate some strict parameters before deciding upon the legality of a tyre puncture repair Smethwick. Therefore, we check whether all the safety standards of a tyre are adequately met or not.

But can we repair all tyres? Certainly not!

As already mentioned, we adhere to the strict guidelines and set parameters of vehicular safety in the UK. Therefore, we perform all puncture repairs in compliance with these parameters, some of which are highlighted below:

  • The tyre’s tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm
  • The sidewall of the punctured tyre does not have any damage
  • The size of the puncture is less than 6 mm
  • No exposed chords are visible
  • There is no major impact on the tyre’s structural integrity
  • No cracks or other severe deteriorations

Please note: Run-flat tyres are not considered to be safe for repairs, as once used without tyre pressure, their structure changes.

So, how do we perform a puncture repair Smethwick? Allow us to elaborate on our procedure for carrying out such repairs:


This is an easy method of repair that does not even require us to un-mount the damaged tyre. In this process, our auto experts attach a small piece of leather onto the tyre’s damaged area with adhesive. This adhesive vulcanises when the tyre rolls, thereby turning into a permanent seal.


This procedure is similar to plugging, wherein a piece of rubber with adhesive is attached inside the affected area. Just as plugging, the glue vulcanises as the tyre rolls. However, patching calls for us to un-mount your car’s tyre to implement this method properly.

Plug and patch

This one is our most advanced technique to repair a puncture. First, we attach a rubber patch as well as a leather tail to a punctured tyre. Then, our technicians thread the extended leather across this tyre’s damaged area and effectively fill in the gap.

Now that you have found us, we hope you will no longer be looking for “puncture repair Smethwick.”

Please call us or come directly to our workshop.

You can find us at Jet Service station, Cranford St, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 2RX, UK.