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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

All diesel-powered vehicles come with a specialised filter known as Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. The DPF is responsible to capture carbon residues like soot, fly ash and the residues of Nitrogen and Sulphur formed during the combustion process. This helps to reduce the toxicity of the by-product gases released in the environment.

However, there is a limit to which the filter can work optimally. Beyond this, it is crucial to burn all the residues using a defined technique to prevent clogging. Therefore, experts recommend opting for a DPF cleaning routinely.

At A Campbell ltd, we offer you cost-effective DPF cleaning Smethwick, for every diesel vehicle segment. Our team of trained professionals have considerable years of in-hand experience in this field of work. They conduct a detailed inspection of the DPF to determine the right regeneration process and ensure accurate results.

Why is DPF cleaning essential?

We highly recommend DPF cleaning Smethwick because-

  • It prevents excess accumulation of carbon residue in the filter and reduces the chances of irreparable damages to the DPF.
  • A routine DPF cleaning will ensure your car emission level adheres to the Euro 6 standards.
  • DPF cleaning also keeps your vehicle’s engine healthy and prevents sudden breakdown issues.

Warning signs of a clogged DPF

Here are some tell-tale signs that show your vehicle's DPF is clogged and needs regeneration-

  • Poor fuel economy
  • DPF warning light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • Poor engine performance
  • Black or purple smoke from the exhaust tailpipe, etc.

If you are detecting these symptoms, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment for DPF cleaning Smethwick, with us.

Why choose us?

At our workshop, we have technicians proficient in all the 3 DPF cleaning process which includes:

Active regeneration- We will inject raw fuel inside the DOC or Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, which will increase the DPF's temperature and remove all un-burnt soot.

Passive regeneration- In this process, we will run the vehicle's engine at a speed of 40 mph for around 20 minutes. This will increase the DPF's temperature to around 600?C and burn all the clogged soot.

Manual regeneration- We also have a specialised team for manual DPF regeneration. If the DPF warning light of your car is on, visit us. We will conduct efficient manual DPF regeneration and ensure it is absolutely clean of all accumulation.

Besides our efficiency in all the processes of DPF cleaning Smethwick, we are also highly favoured due to our:

  • Fair pricing policy
  • Industry best equipment
  • Conversant experts
  • Personalised solutions and more.

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