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Hankook Tyres

Hankook is a globally reputed tyre manufacturer based in Seoul. With over 100 million tyres sold annually, Hankook is currently the 7th largest manufacturer in the world. It is known for its innovations like Kontrol Technology that improves tyre performance significantly on wet tracks.

If you are planning to buy Hankook car tyres Smethwick, head over to A Campbell ltd. We are a one-stop destination for Hankook car tyres for every purpose at the best rates. Further, in case you are in a dilemma of which model to buy, our experts can recommend you a suitable set based on your driving requirements.

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Hankook tyre variants we stock

Ventus RS4

This is a summer variant from Hankook. It comes with an aggressive directional tread design coupled with wide shoulders for effective traction and control on dry and wet tracks. A wide centre block along with a twin groove design ensures rapid water dispersion and reduces aquaplaning risks.

Winter i*Pike RS W419

This is an ideal choice for people looking to buy reliable winter car tyres at an affordable rate. A stud-less variant, these are constructed with a soft rubber material and come with 3D interlocking sipes that offer improved grip and control on snow-laden roads.

A deep and unique longitudinal groove design facilitates faster snow evacuation and provides enhanced resistance against hydroplaning.

Kinergy 4S2

This tyre model is able to deliver reliable performance throughout the year, thanks to its unique rubber compound and intermediate tread depth. Moreover, its 3D sipes working in tandem with a V-shaped tread design provide impressive control even on demanding surfaces.

DynaPro HP RA23

A top-notch 4x4 tyre from the house of Hankook, the DynaPro HP RA23 comes with a high strength centre rib along with reinforced sidewalls for uncompromised load-carrying ability on rugged terrains. An asymmetrical tread pattern and wide shoulder block significantly improve car control and manoeuvrability on mud and slush.

Its durability and versatility are some of the main contributing factors behind its popularity among car owners looking to buy 4x4 tyres Smethwick.

Alongside, we also store the following tyre types:

Performance - Ventus S1 evo K107

Run-flat - Ventus Sports

Further, we also stock an extensive range of car tyres from the world’s best manufacturers in premium and mid-range categories.

Therefore, visit A Campbell ltd at Jet Service station, Cranford St, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 2RX, UK. today to buy your favourite Hankook car tyres Smethwick!

You can certainly also call us on 01214 400779 for any additional information.