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Are you looking for Window Tinting Smethwick for your vehicle?

Tinting is growing increasingly popular among car owners in the UK due to its ability to prevent UV rays. Further, tinting also enhances passenger privacy significantly. However, there are strict regulations that are necessary to adhere to in order to avoid penalties and remain road-legal.

A Campbell ltd is a professional workshop providing top-quality car window tinting Smethwick at competitive prices. Our experts are aware of the legal mandates, and they conduct the procedure accordingly.

Car window tinting – what is it?

It refers to the application of a thin lamination film on a car’s window glass. Tinting helps to block sun rays coming into the cabin – and essentially assists in keeping a lower cabin temperature.

Benefits of window tinting

Some of the key benefits of car window tinting are:

  • Car window tinting enhances passenger safety and health – courtesy of its ability to block UV rays.
  • Per the laid policies by the authorities, dark tinting is only legal for rear windshields. Subsequently, onboard passengers can enjoy increased privacy and safety with window tinting Smethwick.
  • Tinting also helps in holding the glass from shattering inside the cabin in case of a collision or an accident, thereby increasing the on-road safety of drivers and co-passengers simultaneously.
  • Car window tinting amplifies the visual aesthetics of your car significantly.
  • Moreover, window tinting also plays a key role in lowering cabin temperature by up to 65%. This also enhances passenger comfort during the warmer months.

Further, tinting also helps preserve car interiors like upholstery, carpeting and dashboard. These can, otherwise, fade over time from exposure to sunlight.

Different types of window tints

  • Crystalline film
  • Metallised film
  • Dyed film
  • Ceramic film
  • Hybrid film
  • Carbon film

Window tinting regulations

According to UK laws, the rules for tinting front windscreens and front windows depend on when the vehicle was first used. However, there are no regulations for car window tinting for rear windscreens and windows.

  • All vehicles used since and after 1st April 1985 must require at least 75% light to pass through its front windscreen and 70% for front windows.
  • Vehicles first used before 1st April 1985 need to allow at least 70% light through their windscreen and windows alike.


If car owners violate the above laws, they can face the following penalties:

  • Your four-wheeler will receive a prohibition notice that will prohibit your vehicle from plying on the UK roads legally without removing the illegal tint.
  • The concerned authority can also issue a penalty notice, and offenders can also face court summons for breaking tinting laws.

Why A Campbell ltd?

  • Our experts comply with the legal requisites while conducting car window tinting Smethwick.
  • A Campbell ltd’s professionals use the latest techniques to ensure durable and effective tinting.
  • We provide our experts with regular training sessions to update their knowledge and skills.
  • At A Campbell ltd, we maintain a transparent and affordable pricing policy with no hidden charges.
  • Interested clients can also seek expert assistance conveniently by calling us on 0121 461 6097.

Therefore, you can now end your search for “car window tinting Smethwick” with A Campbell ltd at Jet Service station, Cranford St, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 2RX, UK.