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Are you looking for Motor Homes for your vehicle?

Motorhome tyres, also termed campervan tyres, are precisely fabricated to carry a significant amount of loads. Unlike passenger cars and van tyres, each motorhome tyre iis able to withstand a weight of around 1200 kg. This is possible because of the reinforced sidewall construction.

You must note that regular tyres can be installed on motorhomes, but they will not be able to offer fuel efficiency and safety similar to campervan tyres. Hence, it is always recommended that you choose tyres specifically built for a type of vehicle or purpose.

In the next section, you will get to know the dos and don'ts related to motorhome tyres. Take a look!

  • Adverse temperatures may have an effect on these tyres. So always make sure to ask about their storage requirements.
  • If you have left your motorhome or campervan parked for a prolonged interval, 'flat-spotting' may occur.
  • If you have installed a campervan tyre having a tyre pressure greater than 50 psi, keep a regular check on the same to find early signs of spoliation.

As per the Motorhome Club of the United Kingdom, tyres for these vehicles must not be used if they are above seven years old. It is even recommended to replace them after five years.

Where to find premium quality motorhome tyres in this vicinity?

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  • Continental Vanco Camper
  • Pirelli Chrono Camper
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