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Are you looking for Front Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Wheel alignment refers to adjusting the angles of a vehicle's wheels as per manufacturer-recommended specifications. Misaligned wheels lead to poor mileage, uneven tread wear and reduced vehicle handling due to directional pull and steering wheel vibrations. Driving on misaligned wheels also causes long-term damage to various parts of your vehicle. Before this happens, you should take your vehicle to a garage for Front wheel alignment Smethwick on time.

A Campbell ltd is a reputable car service centre in Smethwick using state-of-the-art wheel alignment technology. Therefore, if you come across any sign of wheel misalignment, please call us and schedule a slot.

How we perform our wheel alignment checks?

Our wheel alignment Smethwick involves the following steps:

  • Your vehicle will be placed on our ramp facing our alignment machinery.
  • Special sensors will be attached to the wheels to measure the toe, caster and camber angles.
  • Based on these measurements, our experts will correct these angles with specialised tools.

What are toe, caster and camber angles?

We adjust the following three angles during our wheel alignment check:


This alignment refers to how much a car’s wheels turn towards or away from each other as viewed from the top. When wheels are angled inwards, that’s a toe-in alignment. If they point away from each other, that’s a toe-out alignment.


This measures the angle of the pivot turning the wheel and is viewed from the side of the vehicle. For a positive caster, a pivot's upper part points towards the driver and towards the front of the car in case of a negative caster.


This is the inward/outward angle of the wheels viewed from a vehicle's front. If the wheels tilt too much in the outward or inward direction, that's called positive and negative camber respectively.

How to know if your car needs wheel alignment?

We typically recommend getting wheel alignment every two years, but the ideal time will vary for different vehicles and driving conditions. You also need to get Front wheel alignment Smethwick done after minor accidents or replacement of steering and suspension parts. Besides these, you need to get wheel alignment done after noticing the following symptoms:

  • If your vehicle drifts or swerves to one particular side with no steering input.
  • When your car’s steering wheel feels sloppy or loose.
  • If certain areas on the tyre treads wear out faster.
  • The steering wheel is off centre when driving on a straight, level road.
  • Tyres make a squealing noise when accelerating or turning.

Searching for the best Front wheel alignment Smethwick?

Please stop looking any further and come to see us!