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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check Smethwick for your vehicle?

The correct tyre pressure ensures that your car’s tyres, and the vehicle itself, maintain the highest handling stability. Any discrepancy in this pressure leads to vehicular issues that may put you in danger. We, A Campbell ltd, suggest that you do not undermine its importance and get a tyre pressure check Smethwick from us.

So, if you are near us, you need not search for “tyre pressure check Smethwick” – head over to our garage. We conduct this check for free. No appointments needed.

Both under- and over-inflated tyres can hinder your car’s performance. Therefore, we suggest that you visit us as soon as you notice the following indications of improper tyre pressure:

Poor fuel economy

Under-inflated tyres consume more engine power to sustain their operation. As a result, the engine uses more fuel. If your car requires more frequent refuels, we suggest you get a free tyre pressure check Smethwick from us.

Poor car handling

Inaccurate pressure in car tyres obstructs their braking and cornering abilities. Additionally, over-inflated tyres have poor grip, thereby running the risk of increased aquaplaning.

Increased tyre wear

Improper tyre pressure leads to overheating. Consequently, a tyre tread undergoes premature wear along its edges and sidewalls. Moreover, over-inflation results in rapid wear in the central tread area.

But what causes a discrepancy in tyre pressure?

Over the course of time, all tyres lose air pressure to some extent. This loss is generally as low as 1-3 PSI per month. Although such minute loss seems insignificant, it can get combined with several factors and result in significant repercussions. Some of these factors are as below:

  • A malfunctioning TPMS valve
  • Issues within the tyre’s rims, like rust, cracks, bends, or scratches
  • A drop in ambient temperature during the winter season
  • Micro cracks in the inner layer of a vehicle’s tyre
  • Accumulated dust between a tyre rim’s flange and its bead

So, visit us and avail an accurate and free tyre pressure check Smethwick. Our experts will first find the car manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure for your car (either from the owner’s manual or from the tyre placard), and inflate/deflate the tyres accordingly.

Please note: Tyre pressure checks should be done every two weeks or at least once a month.

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