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While ordering car tyres Birmingham online from us, you are required to enter your vehicle’s registration number or tyre size details. Do the letters and numbers of the tyre size confuse you every time you try to search for your vehicle’s tyres?

If yes, let the professionals of A Campbell ltd explain them to you.

The tyre size is a combination of letters and numbers which are embossed on the tyre’s sidewall.

Let’s decode this with an example: 205/60 R15 91V

Tyre sizes explained

205- The first three letters in this example refer to the overall sectional width of a tyre (from side to side). It is measured in mm. The measurement is taken from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall.

60- The next two numbers point to the aspect ratio, which is the height from the base of the tread to the rim. It is expressed as a percentage of the tyre width.

R- Following the aspect ratio comes the tyre’s construction type. Here, R refers to radial ply construction.

15- 15 refers to the rim diameter, which is represented in inches.

91- 91 is the load index and denote how much load a tyre can carry when optimally inflated. According to the load index chart, 91 means a tyre can carry approximately 600 kg.

V- V refers to the speed of a tyre at which it can safely operate given it is correctly fitted and has the recommended inflation pressure.

Places to find the tyre size

You can find your vehicle’s tyre size as recommended by the car manufacturer in a number of places, including:

  • Vehicle handbook
  • Inside glove box door
  • Fuel cap hatch
  • The driver’s doorjamb

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