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Are you looking for Pre MOT Check for your vehicle?

Since 2018, laws pertaining to MOT have undergone several changes, and the rules are now stricter than ever before. Therefore, car owners need to be even more careful about their vehicles’ condition before appearing for the annual MOT test.

You can head over to A Campbell ltd for a pre MOT check Smethwick at competitive prices. Our experts use the latest equipment to ensure valid and accurate inspections adhering to the legal mandates.

What is a pre-MOT check?

A vehicle can fail its MOT for several reasons. This is why a pre-MOT check is ideal to find existing issues with your vehicle, if any, prior to its annual MOT. This ensures that your vehicle can pass the MOT test without much hassle.

Car components included in a pre-MOT check

Our experts will check both internal and external vehicle parts that include:

Seats and seatbelts

A common reason for MOT failure, our experts will check the seat movement along with seatbelt functionality during our pre MOT check Smethwick.

Brakes and handbrake

Your car’s braking efficiency is integral to on-road safety. Reduced braking performance will, therefore, inevitably lead to an MOT failure. Therefore, our experts will check the braking ability of the vehicle and if necessary, recommend the replacement of damaged parts with OE-grade spares.

Headlights and indicators

Our experts will also check the headlights and their high and low beams, along with their intensities. Moreover, all vehicle indicators need to be in optimal working condition.


Experts at A Campbell ltd will also check the tyre tread depth of your vehicle’s tyres and their overall condition. If they find it near to 1.6mm or less or find other significant damages, they will suggest a replacement.

Warning lights

Modern cars come with multiple sensors that detect internal faults and indicate them on the car’s dashboard. Our in-house technicians will also look for warning signs and will conduct the required repairs/replacements accordingly with your permission.

Apart from these few examples, there are many other important vehicle components like the exhaust system etc. we look at during a Pre-MOT check. We want to make sure; you are safe and your vehicle passes its test in one go.

Why us?

  • We offer comprehensive pre-MOT repairs Smethwick.
  • A Campbell ltd’s facility is equipped with the latest DVSA-standard equipment.
  • We conduct regular training sessions to update our experts on the latest innovations and technologies.
  • Repairs/replacements at A Campbell ltd are affordable and do not come with any hidden extra costs.

Therefore, bring your vehicle to our facility at Jet Service station, Cranford St, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 2RX, UK for a reliable pre MOT check Smethwick.

For any other information, please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 461 6097 an talk to our experts.

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